Saturday, August 12, 2006

We left Sidney this morning at 0808 (I think that must be good luck or something). We motored down to Victoria as there was no wind but it picked up once we were close to Victoria, then the fog set in. We did fine in the fog, radar is wonderful, until we got close to Port Angeles and then when we were past the GPS point that Barry had put in for the entrance and I couldn't see anything, there were fog horns blowing, a huge ferry went bellowing past us at 20 knots and I still couldn't see more than 200 meters, I got a bit freaked out, to put it mildly. Oh yeah and just before that we had started the motor and I noticed there was no water coming out of the exhaust, so we shut it off and we were sailing into the harbour and Barry couldn't find the GPS adapter for our chart plotting program so we relying on green flashes on the radar. Well Barry figured it was the impeller, that was causing the problem with the engine.
So we anchored in the harbour and proceeded to learn how to change the impeller. We got the instructions out and found the new impeller, took the cover off the raw water pump, took the old beat up useless impeller out (see picture above) and the piece of the impeller that was stuck in the discharge line and proceeded to try and put the new impeller on. You guessed it, it didn't fit, SHIT, what next!!!! We looked at the old impeller and figured out that new impeller screw was bigger than the old one and it wouldn't fit in the water pump shaft slot that it was designed for. REALLY BIG SHIT. but wait, could we take the old screw out and put it in the new impeller, yes indeed, we could and VOILA, when we turned the engine on water came flying out the back like it is supposed to, yippee, We then went and checked in to the U.S. and I calmed down somewhat, I am still a bit rattled as is Barry I am sure after being hollered at, very loudly.
After checking in we walked downtown and loaded up on citrus fruit, garlic, eggs, chicken and beef, all substances which you are not allowed to import into the U.S. Then we hit the Dairy Queen for products to calm my nerves, a peanut buster parfait did the trick, stopped off at U.S. customs to get out U.S. cruising permit then strolled back to the boat. I wish I had had the camera with us because we saw the most unusual metal sculptures of birds that were attached to the top of some pilings, there was a pelican, a seagull and a heron, they were gorgeous.