Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We had a lazy day around town today, we went for a walk this morning and then I had a great nap after lunch. We had a tour of the tall ship in the harbour. We learned about how they kept track of where they were by using a navigation peg board. One fellow said he and his wife were on a 2 week learning vacation onboard and it only cost them $350, it would be a great vacation. One girl talked about getting over her fear of heights when she was climbing up the ropes to let down the sails. We purchased some crab for dinner but it wasn't nearly as good as the ones we caught when we were on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
We will head to Astoria tomorrow, we have checked out the tide table and the weather and have a definite plan of when we have to leave and when we hope to arrive. Time to hit the hay and get some more rest.