Saturday, August 26, 2006

We are still in Coos Bay and will hopefully leave tomorrow (Sun) morning. The wind had dropped enough but everyone said the seas are still too lumpy and we would be very uncomfortable so I guess I will listen to those that know and stay put, besides the Captain said I had to.
As compensation we are going to go the the Blackberry Festival in Coos Bay. We are pretty sure this involves pies and jams and such like but perhaps we will walk into a meeting of computer guys, who are unwilling to talk to us and they madly send messages all over the country.
We had a fellow from Tucson, well the city in Arizona. over for dinner last night, we had a lovely tuna casserole, He reciprocated by giving us some elk burger meat and he also lent us a cruising guide for Southern California. We will mail the guide back to him once we have finished with it, he was heading north. People are just wonderful