Saturday, September 23, 2006

If you look closely you can see Cat's-Paw IV in the background, she is the one with the blue sail cover.

We are headed for Pebble Beach at the moment. We plan to anchor just off the 18 hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Course, you know the classic shot that you see if you are watching that tournament on TV. We only spent 2 nights in Monterey, I got mad yesterday that we had to walk over 2 miles to get to a grocery store and then when we got there it was a "organic store". It was a super nice store and so were the prices, so we didn't buy nearly as many groceries as we needed. We were going to stay another night or so and rent bicycles and ride along the gorgeous path along the shoreline, but we did that 8 years ago and the winds were good today to stay at Pebble Beach so we decided to go.
Off the pier at Monterey there were people taking surfing lessons, scuba lessons and a team building exercise for Yahoo employees. It was sand castle building exercise instructed by a professional sand castle builder. (I wonder how busy he is, and how did he get to be pro and what his income is, and does he still enjoy it or is it just a job, What are you doing today dear? OH well you know same old, same old, I flying to Sidney, Aust. to give a seminar for the week) Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised, we are in California after all.
Just to let you know, I had a look at the position report on YOTREPS, the map is not is the right place. I have been faithfully sending in the correct co-ordinates but it seems like the land is not where it should be on the map. It has us still north of SF and we aren't anymore, and if you look at our trip out the Straits of Juan De Fuca you can see it looks like we went over land. I don't think there is much I can do about it. I will see about finding another site that will report our movements that had a more accurate mapping system.

Once again if you look closely you can see a fence for the golf course, not sure which hole. I wandered up some stairs to stick my foot on the course and their were golfers waiting to tee off at the fence, OPPS!!!