Friday, September 29, 2006

We just rounded the last big hurdle in U.S. waters, Point Conception. It was nothing, we left very early this morning and motored for about 4 hours, then the wind came up and we had a gorgeous sail around the point. We took down the main and sailed under genoa alone and we were scooting along at 6+ knots. It is sunny and warm now and I was just up on deck watching the surfers in the big waves ( I wanted to say huge but that would have been exaggerating). I think we are going to head to the Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara for awhile, not sure how long but apparently you don't want to be stuck out there when a certain type of wind called the Santa Anna's blow so we will monitor the weather closely. Most of the Channel Islands are designated a national park so there is supposed to be lots of wildlife there and I hope to get in the water and do a little swimming. I am a bit chicken to swim in the ocean by myself so will either have to work on Barry to join me or he can be in the dinghy close by. Hope all is well with everyone, we are doing JUST FINE.This is a shot of a nuclear plant at Diablo Canyon. You have to be at least 3 miles from the shoreline when you go by this facility or apparently they come out and tell you to move on out of the way!!!