Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We are going to stay in the San Francisco area for at least a week if not longer. We are located in the Alameda estuary. Alameda is an island on the east side of San Francisco Bay just about 300 meters across a narrow channel from Oakland. It is much warmer here than in San Francisco, apparently the weather pattern is cloudy and cool in the morning and heating up and clearing off around noon, then hot and sunny in the afternoon until it cools off at night. That is pretty nice, both Barry and I had red faces yesterday from the afternoon sunshine, it is quite intense down here, it seems like, either that or they have burnt a big hole in the ozone layer above California.
We went to see about getting someone to see about our rigging today. We got in the dinghy and zipped down the estuary for about a mile till we came to the boatyard, we got an appointment for next Thursday. Then we needed some oil for an oil change so went trundling across the channel and down about a half mile and got the oil. It was nice to be able to get around in the dinghy and not have to walk or take taxis that far.
We went and talked to the folks on Toketie, a Bluewater boat, and think we will be able to move into the Oakland Yahct Club tomorrow and take over their slip, they are leaving to explore the bay and go up the delta. Apparently the yahct club loves having cruisers there and have a very active social scene. People are also very helpful, another cruiser who we didn't even know invited us to go with them in their car to San Francisco tomorrow. WOW!!!
I hope you like the pictures, the whale one isn't much but doesn't it look like he is doing a headstand. They were amazing slapping their tails around several times in a row. Does anyone know, do they do it to fish?? When we came into Alameda we passed the Port of Oakland, there were HUGE piles of containers and they were unloading a ship with all these cranes, it boggles the mind to imagine how they keep track of where everything goes. Our buddies on Mungo, Steve and Sandi should be here tomorrow of the next day and we are looking forward to hooking up with them again.