Saturday, September 09, 2006

We went to visit the USS Hornet yesterday. It was absolutely massive. It is a former aircraft carrier, it was operational in WW2 and in the Vietnam War, it also recovered the lunar module from Apollo 11 the first manned space craft to land on the moon. so it has some pretty impressive history behind it. We got to visit the hanger, the flight deck, the wardrooms, the sickbay, the bridge and the engine room. It was quite the tour, the place was just monstrous and it was a lot of fun to wander around and look at all the exhibits. One of the highlights was the stories the tour guide told, he had served on a sister ship to the USS Hornet as a flight surgeon, he explained that when you had to do surgery, the captain would put the boat into the waves to minimize the roll and pitch that they would experience. There was an Airstream trailer onboard that the astronauts were quarantined in after they landed, it was pretty tiny.
Barry went up the mast today, he went up the check out the shives at the top of the mast to see if he could figure out what was the matter. We also tried to restring the spinnaker halyard. Barry managed to get it down the mast but I could not get it out the hole that it was supposed to come out. Ed from Cuisine came over and showed us how to use the electric windlass to send someone up the mast, thus Barry went up instead of me. There is no way I could get him up there manually but with the windlass it did not seem to be a problem. He took the picture of his foot from the top, if you look you can seem me trying to climb on the sail beside the mast, that is Ed in the cockpit.