Thursday, September 21, 2006

We had a short visit to Fisherman's Wharf, we took a ferry from Angel Island and wandered around for a few hours. We had to head back to another spot called Tiburon to catch the ferry back to Angel Island. I managed to get some birthday shopping done in San Francisco, so that was good, Barry was absolutely thrilled to have to trail around after me shopping, but that is another story. We didn't get our cable car ride in because we were short of time and there were a gazillion tourists waiting to get on the cars and I didn't feel like waiting in line, wasting the short time we had in town. The visit was short due to the weird ferry schedules.
We left SF yesterday morning, timing our departure to coincide with the favourable tides under the Golden Gate. We left at the crack of dawn and were sailing towards the bridge. As we got closer the huge container ships, who had obviously timed their departure for the crack of dawn as well, started bearing down on us. I didn't feel like dodging them and dealing with the currents under the bridge so we put on the motor and powered under the bridge at the same time as one of these huge ships. WOOOH what a rush!!!
We had a gorgeous sail down to Half Moon Bay about a 5 hour sail south. There is a very nice spot to anchor there but we chose to go to the marina as we were both in need of a good shower and needed to power up some of our electronic gear, camera batteries, phone, computer. BAD CHOICE, they were refurbishing the pier and guys with jack hammers were pounding away, fortunately they stopped at 5:00 P.M. and as we left this morning at 0630 they were just coming to work. We had a lovely dinner at Barbara's Fishtrap, which reminded us very much of Bulluck's in Yellowknife.
We are hoping to get to Monterey today, but not sure if we can get that far, second choice is Santa Cruz which isn't quite as far. Once again it is a gorgeous sunny day and the wind is behind us at between 10-15 knots, as our anemometer( thingy that measures the wind speed) is broken and we have not managed to figure out what is wrong with it yet. It is not really vital but is sure if fun to say, OH Yeah we were out in 30 knots with gusts to 35, or Man the wind didn't get over 5 knots all day, what a bummer, and other salty things like that. Actually I think yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so I hope you threw is a few AVAST ME HEARTIES, and ARRGGH MATIES to spice up your life. This is ANNOE signing off.