Sunday, September 03, 2006

That is spray off the top of the waves, the reason we waited 2 days.

Well, we are Bodega Bay, California today. We made it safely around Cape Mendocino, which is a huge land mass that has it's own weather system. The cape is the last big hurdle before you get to San Francisco, we are a day's sail away at the moment. Our sail down here was uneventful, mostly motorsailing, it took 48 hours including 2 overnights to get here. We had whales, porpoises, sea lions, and brown pelicans show us their stuff, they are quite amazing to watch.
We had a lovely trip around Humbolt, County, California in our rental car (excuse me SUV) and we slept off the boat for the first time since March, in a KING sized bed no less, what luxury. We got the car late in the afternoon and then raced off to drive over Cape Mendocino before dark. I think I picked the windiest road in Northern California, it went up and over the hills and then dove down to the coast. and then back up over the hills to the highway. It was 9:00 P.M. by the time we found somewhere to eat and I was getting really hungry, so we stopped at the first place we could find. All the little towns we had driven through were really small and had no stores. They must have been started by the people that settled the region and then just gradually died away when the lumber industry died. I wonder how they still exist. But I digress, the place we stopped to eat was the classic dive, dirty, horrible food, and it looked as if the decor was the original fifties stuff, black and white diamond tile floor and faux red leather booths with splitting seats. We are still alive though so they didn't poison us. The waitress slung a bottle of beer on the table by the neck and told us her name and said if we needed anything just to shout. We are still alive though so they didn't poison us.
The next day we toured the Avenue of the Giants, where the redwoods are and drove through a tree, that was fun. The two story tree house was amazing, it was all carved inside and one of them even had a bookshelf with books carved in the wall. We contined on to the coast and looked at Shelter Cove, supposedly a great spot for surfing. I was astounded by how brown all the hills were and all the rivers had all dried up, in the picture of the river you can see how wide the river bed is and how little water is in it. In 1964 the river flooded to 75 feet above the current level, that is a lot of water.