Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Santa Barbara is beautiful; the Spanish influence is everywhere, the architecture in particular as well as the street names and the people. It was a delight to stroll around town and see the large arches and cool spaces beneath in a lot of the public buildings as well as the adobe structures with the red roofs. There are palm trees everywhere as well as flowering hedges and exotic looking bushes lining the streets. I am hoping to get to the Santa Barbara Mission which was established way back when, when the Spanish monks came north from Mexico to make Christians of the aboriginals in the area. I am sure I will know more about it once I’ve actually been.
I think I have a premonition about the next ailment to strike the people of southern California. It is going to be some elbow problem perhaps lower forearm or could even affect their shoulders. This ailment is going to be caused by people tightly clutching their cell phones as they engage in recreational activities such as jogging, aerobic walking or bicycle riding. I can’t believe that people are so attached to their phones that they have to have them in their hot little hands even when they go for a run. It is truly a sad state of affairs.
We are not sure when we are going to leave, we quite like it here, it has been sunny and warm the last few days. We are doing some boat chores today, I am trying to repair some dings in the gelcoat and Barry is fixing a problem we had with the hole where the anchor enters the boat, Barry says it might be called the hawse hole, now you learned something today!!!