Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We are at an anchorage called Smuggler's Cove. It is out of site of the mainland so boats used to come in here and drop anchor and be hidden from the mainland and they could do their nefarious deeds. In one of our cruising books someone describes viewing a drug deal go down when they were anchored here.
Anyways we went ashore yesterday. One of the other couples described how he tripped as he got off the dinghy and got soaked, so when we headed in I decided that I wouldn't wear my life vest that inflates if we gets wet, good thing. We paddled in instead of putting the motor on the dinghy and as we were timing the waves to go ashore Barry said Oh, oh and I looked around to see a big wave headed towards us. The next thing I knew I was on my butt in the water, completely all over wet. Barry says I just tumbled off ass over tea kettle, at least it was warm and it didn't take long to dry off. Barry enjoyed walking along the rocky part of the beach and he found some very nice agate.
We walked up the hills and looked at another anchorage around the corner and when we came back down to where we had left the dinghy we explored around an old house. There were all sorts of fruit trees growing in the yard, lemon, orange, figs, and walnut. There were also eucalyptus trees as well as an olive orchard growing up the side of a hill. We picked a couple of lemons and some very green oranges and smuggled them back to the boat to ripen, it is a National Park after all and you aren't supposed to take anything. The walnuts grow with a green soft outer shell with the nut inside. I brought one back onboard and baked it this morning, it was just yummy when we cracked it open and ate it.
Tonight we are having another Canadian couple over for Thanksgiving dinner. I have some turkey breast on board, but we are running out of fresh fruit and vegetables so will have to see what I can come up with to go with the turkey, also I am not sure how I am going to make gravy out of turkey breast that has no fat???? Wish me luck.
I think we will head to the mainland tomorrow, maybe Marina del Ray or perhaps Ventura, we will have to see where the wind takes us.
P.S. We did go around that island yesterday, we anchored in a rather dicey spot so Barry wouldn't leave the boat, so I went snorkeling by myself. I saw some California butterfly rays, They were just sitting on the bottom blending in with everything, I was extremely excited about seeing them. I am getting over my fear of the ocean a little but yesterday when I was in I ran into a piece of kelp and I just about jumped out of the water. My Oh MY the heart rate did get going!!!

There were four of these that came in and anchored in Smugglers Cove, Barry thinks they may be swordfishing boats, any ideas????