Friday, October 13, 2006

We are in Marina Del Rey at the moment. It is actually south of Los Angeles, so we are close to all sorts of places. The first day here we took a bus to LAX and then into downtown LA. It was quite overwhelming, all the traffic and the hustle and bustle. I was worried that we would become separated and then never see each other again!!! LAX was huge, I bet there is more people working there than live in Yellowknife. We managed to find our way around to catch a bus to Union Station without getting lost which I figure is a major accomplishment.
When we were in LA we toured Chinatown and a Mexican part of town that had an old villa in it as well as an explanation of how LA get it's water. The Chinatown is quite different than San Francisco's not all squashed together but just little shops for about a 6 block radius. We needed a new blanket on board because it is now getting too warm for our down comforter, so I managed to dicker with a shop owner and get $2.00 off the price, well I was so pleased but then further down someone else was selling the blanket for $5.00 less, GEEESSEE!!!
Yesterday we rented bicycles and went for a 30 mile ride down the beach. We went past Venice Beach, past the Santa Monica Pier and out past Wiltshire Blvd. They acutally grade the beaches, they had big tractors that pull along and grader behind and it flattens all the sand and it is smooth and soft for 300 miles. What a treat riding along the bike path, flat, smooth with lots of room. There were all sorts of bicycles on the path, every kind you can imagine as well as in line skaters and skateboards. We still have the bikes so are going to head the other direction down the beach this morning to go under all the planes taking off from LAX.
There are 5 Canadian boats in the same marina as us, so have been enjoying their company as well. I think we are going to stay 2 more night and then head over to Catalina Island.
This picture, off course is off a movie shoot, I don't know if it is TV or a movie but it was just in the parking lot by where we rented the bikes