Monday, October 16, 2006

We are now anchored at Santa Catalina Island. This is the boaters playground for the LA area. There are a ton of little coves and anchorages all around the island. Lots of the anchorages are leased by yacht clubs or other private clubs, so you have to be read about the cove you are in before figuring out if you are allowed to go ashore. The thing is we are here during the week and it is the middle of Oct. so there are very few boats here as compared to a weekend or the middle of summer, NICE. Yesterday after a slow motor over, no wind worth sailing in, we went for a snorkel. It was great. We saw all sorts of fish and different coloured kelp and some rays and then I saw a sea turtle. I was very excited and tried to get Barry's attention. He was too far away and did not see the turtle, too bad and when I took my eyes off of him to try and get Barry's attention I lost sight of him. There were some girls in kayaks that were going by and they worked in a camp that is one bay over. They said it is quite rare to see turtle here so I was even more thrilled. I actually felt like I was almost in the Nemo movie. There were small orange fish skulking around the kelp and then schools of these tiny silver fish swarming around us, what fun. We hope to stay here about a week, weather dependent, so will be moving around to different anchorages and exploring the sea and the shore for the next while. Hasta luego.