Saturday, October 14, 2006

We did the totaly tourist thing today and went to Universal Studios. WHAT A BLAST!!! We have never been to a park like this before so were very impressed with the whole experience. We went on a tour off all the studios, which was a lot of looking at big buildings from the outside, but then it got better, we got to see some of the back sets, the set for Desparate Housewifes, where all the westerns were shot, Leave to Beaver's house and all sorts of places. Then we went in special theme buildings, we saw a Terminator 2 vignette which was very impressive, you watched the whole thing with 3D glasses. The other highlight was a very good Waterworld story that they re-enacted. Anyway we had a lot of fun and although it was expensive we would do it again. The best part was that we paid extra for a VIP card that let you go to the front of the line and we never had to wait to get in to anywhere. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.