Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We visited the Queen Mary yesterday. It was huge and very opulent in places. I was a tad disappointed that you are unable to see any of the state rooms. It is used as a hotel now, so all the rooms are in use, I guess. Barry took some gorgeous pictures of the promenade deck and we sat down on some teak deck chairs on the Sundays and just imagined the people who had sat in them before us. They had pictures of all the royalty and the movie stars that used to travel back and forth across the Atlantic in bygone years.
The Queen Mary was also used as a troop carrier in WW2, it was painted battleship grey and was called the Grey Ghost because it was so fast that the subs could never catch up to her and sink her. Barry and I decided that if we had ever traveled aboard her we would have been in the 3rd class cabins.
Back to the pictures, they are still on the camera card. The camera decided it wasn't going to work anymore today. stupid thing. We decided we couldn't be without one, so went out and bought a new one. It is supposed to take a clearer image so you will have to tell me if there is a difference.
We called up our buddies on Mungo, Steve and Sandi and asked if they were interested in buddy boating down the Baja with us. They figured that wouldn't be too bad of an idea. They are about a week behind us so we are going to go back out to Catalina Island and wait for them to catch up to us. It will be nice to have another couple to share ideas, fun and danger with as we head to Mexico. The weather is absolutely glorious here so we are in no hurry to charge off to Mexico. Hopefully we will have some pictures tomorrow.