Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Beginning of a New School
This is how the frame of the bodega looked when we arrived. Notice the rocks being piled up for the floor. They were all picked by hand and moved to the building.

Here we are finding good rocks that will make a great floor. Barry has the white ball cap on.

The roof was a co-operative effort between these guys. The fellow with the hat on is a mathematician from New Mexico, he was very precise in his measurements.

The Federals showed up about 10 o'clock and caused a bit of a stir. Apparently they came because they wondered what was going on. In the area every time there is a bit of cleared land the squatters move in and start building a home. They were assured that our enterprise was a legitimate one.
This lady was the official floor packer downer.
She made the implement she is using and then just went to work with it. After we had put all the rocks we needed in', we added sand and dirt for fill. It was raked evenly and then it was packed. You could tell that she had done this before.

The finished product, a shed for the materials that are needed to build a new school on this site. Isn't it a wonderful view.

This sign translated with my limited Spanish, says the future home of the primary school Octavio Paz. To take over from the school Nueva Creacion. It is a project that is being shared by Sailfest, Por Los Ninos de Zihuatanejo (a charitable foundation called For The Children), a U.S. charitable foundation called los Ninos Inc. , Rotary Club International and the Municipality of Jose Azueta in Zihua.
It was so gratifying to be a part of this and to actually see something be accomplished in one morning when there are lots of willing hands to do the work.