Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jen on Canada Day practising her pelvic tilt

Okay so Jen is still pregnant, uh huh!! Jen and Mark moved into their new house on the July long weekend and Jen participated fully in the move, lifting boxes, carrying boxes, putting boxes down ( very difficult with a basketball in the way) and she and I cleaned her apartment and that baby still did not want to enter the world. I am choked because sh/he did not enter the world on the day I guessed in the Jen sweepstakes and now Mark is holding out for his preferred date of 07/07/07. Jen is supposed to be induced on Thursday so she may well hold off until Sat. but Jen and I are hoping she will go into labour on her own.

I have great pictures of some of the stuff we have been up to the past few days but my internet access has been cut off at Jen's apt. and they have not got it set up at the house yet so at the moment I am in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in the Health Sciences Library using hospital equipment and ..... guess what I put my pics on this computer and can access them, isn't technology wonderful.
So the move went like this. Mark has a doube snowmobile trailer which I am sitting on in the picture. It is huge, it was loaded with ceramics which Mark bought along with a kiln for Jen's pottery studio in their basement. On Thur. night we unload the ceramics, very heavy and lots of work, on Fri there was a sale on lumber so Mark went and bought 234 2 X 4 for studs for their rec room in the basement. The builder will be finishing and gyprocking the outside walls in the basement but the studs are for shelves for Jen and the interior walls. We unloaded those on Friday night and the Mark sawed up the particle board he bought for the shelves. That is why I am sitting in the trailer and he has a saw in his hand, he is not trying to kill me at this point but he may yet use it for that purpose!!!!! Then on Sat. we moved all and I mean ALL of Jen's stuff in. On Sunday morning Jen and I got up early and went to the apt and cleaned up. I did the stove, Jen did the fridge, I vaccumed the rest and Jen did the bathroom. We were almost done by noon and went back to the house. The house is not fully finished yet at one point on Sat. we did not have a working toilet so Jen said she would not stay in the house until there was one, I was with her on that point. Mark's family came over on Sun. night and brought food and we had a B-B-Q and sat outside and visited while Mark worked away at getting the appliances in the house and hooked up, a huge job. On Monday we worked on getting Jen's kitchen together, they have a marvelous pantry and lots of cupboards so it wasn't too bad of a job. Mark's Mom showed up again with more food and she and his sister helped put away all the extra boxes that may get in the way of the workers today and that was that. Jen and Mark have brand new furniture on order because Mark former house burnt down and the insurance money covered new furnishings. It will be delivered after the house is finished. Jen did not want the new furniture in the house while there were still working so that it wouldn't get dirty (smart girl) The workers still need to drywall the basement, finish the trim, finish the skylight, install the dishwasher, finished tiling the main bathroom shower and hook up the toilet in there, etc. etc. etc...................