Sunday, March 02, 2008

The other incident happened on the beach of Manuel Antonio National Park. We had just returned from a 2 hour walk around the park and where relaxing on the beach. We started noticing iguanas parading around in the shade. There were brown ones and spectacular looking black and white striped ones that had an orange ruff on its neck. These iguanas started posturing, holding position in one spot and then bobbing their heads. Like bob, I am the boss, bob, what are you going to do about it bob, I am the biggest and the best bob. ( I could go on and on)
Anyway they starting fighting with one another, it was quite fascinating to watch, they would charge at each other and then circle around like one big whirlwind of reptilian flesh. Eventually they would either get tired or one would get a hold of the other at the back of the neck and hang on for awhile, presumable trying to disable his enemy.
At one point, one of them scampered up a tree just behind me, soon after his attacked followed suit and they were ready to go at it, 12 feet in the air on a narrow branch. As they were almost directly about me I got up to step away so I could get the best view of the action. Sure enough they attacked and were scrapping away and then they fell off. WHAP, right on the ground, 12 feet straight down, good thing I had moved they would have just missed my head YIKES!!! On the ground they were a little stunned, they weren’t hurt though and one guy raced off and the other started bobbing. Bob, see I told you I was the best, bob, bob, want to go at it again, bob, bob!!!!