Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 3, Thursday, March 27th, 2008

*Clink on any of the photos to get a larger and more detailed view.

position: Lat. 02 16 S Log 093 45 W

heading: 254

time: 7:10 am mountain time

As you can see they have made pretty good progress as far as sailing goes. They have been averaging a speed of 5 knots and yesterday, Wed., they made 125 miles! (I assume that to be nautical miles of course).
When Mom called this morning they where clipping along at 6 knots with the spinnaker a flyin'.
They figure they have hit the trade winds. As you can imagine she was very happy=).

overall distance to date: 229 nautical miles

*The pin points are accurate but the route that I have mapped in no way corresponds to where they have actually sailed. I just added it to get a gage of there overall distance covered to date and for our reference.

This is just to show the over all trip. The yellow pin on the far left is the approximate destination.

This map is just to show how they relate to the main land of Ecuador and also to show what beautiful weather they are having, I could use a bit of that warmth and sunshine right about now.

Again just click on any of the maps to get a larger and more detailed view.
I am using Google earth to plot there position and if you have never checked out this Goolgle application I would recommend it, very cool.

Till next time.