Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 7, Monday, March 31

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Yesterday they made a trip record so far of 142 nm travelled in 24 hours. Ann says they are officially 'boot scootin'.

The Cat's Paw IV has covered about 777 miles of there 3035 mile journey, they are a quarter of the way there. The Crew is putting the challenge out there for all of us to take our best guess on how many days it will take for them to cross. I will be starting a poll and the winner/s shall receive a shell from the first beach they land at in the Marquesas. Please email your guesstimates to (not sure how they plan to have the shell clear customs but I guess that problem would seem minor after crossing the Pacific.)

5 28 S 102 18 W
heading 230 magnetic
speed 5.5 knots
wind SE
time of call 7:05 mst
A poem written by Bob Shanks and text messaged to David Shanks from the

on Cat's Paw IV....part 1

I am at the helm of the Cats Paw IV

It is like I have my foot to the floor

Like a stallion surging forward stride by stride

lunging an lunging giving us a bumpy ride

We have Captain Lange and he really looks the part

with his beard and a pony tail he has start

first mate Lange also known as Admiral Ann

no matter what is happening she has a plan

Helmsman Shanks rounds out the rest of the crew

It doesn't take much to realize that he is new

There has been great talk he may be keel hauled

But after the dinner he made the order has been stalled

Once Helmsman Shanks arrived and the niceties were done

First mate Ann suggested we have a bit of fun

put on flippers a mask and a snorkel

and clean the bottom of the boat through and through

As a result the keel haul would not be so bad

Because now while being dragged there's not a barnacle to be had

We scrubbed and scraped, all the barnacles are gone
there's only a nice smooth clean surface to slide on.

Getting there, definitely getting there........