Sunday, March 02, 2008

Right now we are in Golfito, Costa Rica. We are in the process of provisioning for our trip across the Pacific. This will be our last stop on the continent, we will head from hear to the Galapagos. Once we get there we will spend about 2 weeks there being tourists and then my brother will join us and we will head across the Pacific to the Marquesas.
Our ham radio is still not working so my Mom has offered to buy us a Satellite phone so we will have some way to contact the outside world in the month it will take us to cross the Pacific. I am hoping to send co-ordinates to my daughter and have her post them on a map and them publish them on the blog so that those of you that are following us will be able to see at what a snail's pace we will cross that great big stretch of open water.
I have been wrestling with how to go about provisioning. I could make menu's and buy food accordingly or I think I might just estimate and buy some extras of stuff we always use and be done with it. We have heard that everything is expensive in French Polynesia so I am planning on filling up the boat with as much as we can so that we won't have to buy that much when we are there. I am sure we will have plenty of food aboard. Wish me luck.