Saturday, March 15, 2008

We crossed the equator in the daylight at 89 degrees 37 minutes west and of course at 0 degrees 0 minutes. We had some fun while when we did it. We popped the champagne and opened the chocolate almonds and toasted Neptune the Ruler of the Deep. Of course we gave the King his share of the goodies as well. We had balloons all over the cockpit and a bunch tied to the wheel plus we had party hats. That was dumb because when we went to turn the wheel the balloons would get caught and it was hard to turn the wheel. HMMMM!! We payed our dues by tossing 500 colonies (Costa Rican money) into the ocean. We also put a message in a bottle and tossed it overboard. I wonder if anyone will ever find it??? I also shaved my head, not down to the bare skin but it is pretty short. I wanted to have it really short to cross the Pacific, it will save on water and shampoo. (On reflection it was another of my dumb ideas because as Barry says I look really butch and kind of funny. Oh well, no one here knows me and I keep my hat on most of the time.) I also made up certificates and boat cards to induct up officially into the order of the Shellback so now we are no longer Polliwogs and can really call ourselves sailors.

I marvel all the time that we are actually here in the Galapagos. It is quite different than I expected. This island has a lot of touristy stores and hotels. The harbour is filled with boats of all kinds, big boats, little boats, power boats, and huge boats. Barry and I have decided to go on a 3 day, 2 night tour of the islands. We got a last minute price and we are headed out at 1800 hours tonight. Someone will cook for us for 3 days and we will have a guide to visit the other islands. The boat is a motor sailor with room for 20 people. It should be fun. We went and visited the Charles Darwin research station today and saw the giant tortoises. it was quite awe inspiring.