Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 13

07 22 S 115 34 W
heading 255
speed 6.5 knots
distance covered yesterday 126 nm

Talked to Ann and she says things are going smoothly. The wind has been more consistent and is starting to come more from the west so they should make some good ground today. Helmsman Bob is really getting the hang of things and doing a great job on the boat.
A New limerick sent by text message from the ocean blue.

The Motley Crew

There once was a man from the Knife,
who bought a boat with his wife.
To sail the world was his dream.
His goal was to use no steam
Not sure he's cut out for the life

There once was a lady, Admiral Ann.
She was married to a quiet man.
They sold there home to sail oceans blue
What he was getting into he never really knew.
she'll circumnavigate if she can.

There once was a dude from Cowtown,
who left his job and flew down
to join the crew of the Cat's Paw IV
As they sailed across the ocean floor
To the Marquases they were boun.

this Motley Crew of the Cat's Paw IV.
Left the Galapagos for a distant shore.
Captain Barry, First mate Ann and Helmsman Bob,
together the three made quite a mob.
They've sailed a 1000 miles and quested more.

composed by the, Motley Crew

April 3, 2008