Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 19

09 24 S 129 16 W
heading of 240
*only 581 nm left to go.
Well the crew is getting close and I imagine excited to see there first sight of land, or at least something other than waves, sky, clouds, and stars. There has been no animal sightings, no other ship or boat sightings. Nothing but the big blue, I guess that is why they call it that.
They did try to find the source of the flare but had not luck. There friend Lynn Greentree who has been sending weather reports called the Victoria coast guard when he heard about the flare that was spotted by the Cat's Paw IV. Victoria in turn called the Tahiti coast guard who then wanted to get in touch with the crew. When they did talk it was decided the the flare was probably a false alarm as the Tahiti coast guard had been radioing the area and monitoring for distress calls and nothing was received. So the crew turned around and headed in there original direction by 7 pm that evening and where happy to be back on track for the Marquesas.
There is another sighting of a different kind to report. When Barry was on shift he spotted some kind of space debree streaking through the night sky from north to south. He watched it the whole way and said it had a big long tail.
Well that is all for the time being. Not many postings left for me and we shall find out who the big winner shall be.