Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 9

*Yet again the crew of the Cat's Paw set another boat best for distance covered in a 24 hour period... 151 nm. Wow.

Lat. 5 45 S Long. 107 16 W

heading 255

under motor (did not get a speed)

time of call 7:02 mst

weather forecast is for winds from the SE 12 to 14 knots.

Talked to Ann this morning and she says that all is well. The crew are in good spirits and the shifts system they have set up is working good. They are getting enough sleep as long as they are disciplined enough to go to bed once their shift has ended which Ann did not do yesterday and hence was a bit grumpy today. She was busy trying to figure out where the other boats that are crossing at the moment are so they don't run into a surprises.
At the time she called the wind was swinging a bit and being fickle so they had decided to take advantage of the not so perfect sailing conditions to fire up the engine. Having the motor running allows them to charge up the battery bank and turn on the water maker both of which they need to do anyways.

Ann sent a text message to help put this crossing into prospective for those of us who are land lubbers. Imagine you decide to do a road trip that started somewhere in BC directly south of the Yukon/Alaska boarder and finished in Dryden, Ontario. Fun right, well then imagine you had a top speed of 10 km/hr!! When she texted yesterday at around 2pm she figured they had reached Regina, SK. Today she is hoping to be in Moose Jaw, SK. Heee hee.

Thanks to those who have emailed your guess. The crew have made there guess offical but I won't post it for awhile so we can all make our own minds.