Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 21

This picture is just to show you a bit of the area that Ann and Barry will be exploring over the next few months. I am sure they will be posting many a blog to show us the wonders they discover.

position: 09 29 S, 133 17 W
distance made yesterday: 124 nm
distance to go to destination: 342 nm

Not so smooth sailing at the moment but only because they are sailing down wind and the boat is rocking back and forth and back and forth in a very uncomfortable manner. The skipper ordered the main sail to be taken down yesterday because when you sail down wind it flaps and bangs quite badly with the rocking of the boat. Ann reported that the crew has had poor sleeps due to this motion. The main sail has since been raised again due to a firm request from Admiral Ann but the skipper (or as I like to call him Captain Grey Beard) would only go so far as to raise it with 2 reefs in the main. The rocking is not quite so bad now and they will be making a little more ground with the added sail. The wind was forecast to drop from 15 knots to 10 knots and Ann seemed to think that had happened but it is hard tell when you are sailing along with it instead of scooting along across it.

My theory to all this sails down and up and looking for flares that they can't find is that each member of the crew is trying to make sure that they land in the number of days that they predicted. VERY TRICKY you lot. Haaa haaa I am on to you. (I am kidding of course, well kind of).
There guesstimates are as follows:
Helmsman Bob 23 days
Admiral Ann 24 days
Captain Grey Beard 25 days.
Ann says that they all came up with there number independently of each other so it is cool they are so close together. We shall see who gets bragging rights and in my family that is everything.