Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cat's Paw IV has made there destination.
or I guess more appropriately
All crew are accounted for, ecstatic and tired. Ann reports that they have not had much sleep the last few days because they were too excited about reaching land. As they were heading toward the island they had a gorgeous tropical rain for about 20 min. and the crew took advantage by having a warm, fresh water shower, ahhh heaven. Well I will leave the rest to Ann for when she has a chance to get an Internet connection I am sure she will be blogging to her hearts content. I forgot to ask there exact position to post on the map so when I get it I will make sure to put up a picture.
And now for the official winners of the Cat's Paw IV Pacific Crossing contest.
By the crew reckoning they took 22 days and 7 hours to cross by how I have been posting there position they have taken 23 days. Of course the crew is correct but I am going to give a little leeway for others who made the calculations based on how I have been posting the positions on the map.
So the winners are....
Barb Shanks
Jennifer Lange
Lucy McCordick
and the closest crew member was
Bob Shanks (bragging rights forever, YES!!)
If I have some how missed your guess please let me know and I will add you to the list.
Well that is it for me. It was great to be able to keep friends and family updated on the crews progress across the Pacific. I hope you enjoyed it.
Trish Lange