Sunday, November 05, 2006

Barry says that he was hunting for arrowheads and was very sad he didn't find one.

We are now in San Diego, yippee!! We are tied up at a very posh marina and we are paying $2.00 a foot, YIKES. The big super yachts are tied up next to us, my mission is to get on board the one called Patriot and see if I can get a tour, hmmmm!!!
Anyways all is well and I have a bunch of pictures that I would like to share and am out of witty things to say, so enjoy.

Just for you Catherine, we discovered how to use out automatic timer on the new camera and Barry's fancy walking stick had a screw on the end of it that is made to use as a tripod.
Steve and Barry in front of this 3 masted schooner that stopped in Little Harbour. It disgorged about 30 kids and teachers so they could go body surfing at this beech.

Can you believe that these beautiful bird of paradise actually grow on the street corners down here, I was so tempted to pick one, but resisted.

This is how the Sheriff''s in Avalon get around. When I took a picture of this guy he actually gave me his card and said that the vehicle was a new product and that department wanted pictures and could I please e-mail him a picture, unbelievable.