Thursday, November 09, 2006

We have now been in San Diego for 5 days and each day sees up scurrying around trying to get ourselves and our boat ready for the next stage of our trip. Today we took a bus, then a rapid transit train, then another bus to downtown San Diego. Once we had arrived we went to buy our Mexican fishing licences. We had to buy one for the boat, one for the dinghy and one for Barry and I, crazy, $216.50 US later we had all we needed to fish in Mexico for a year. I intend to fish a lot, but that licence does not allow us to catch lobster or collect any kind of shell fish. Such is life. On the way home we stopped and did some Christmas shopping, we probably won't be anywhere long enough between now and then to shop and send stuff away, I managed to hit a JC Penny's and Macy's but missed Sak's 5th Ave. I didn't know it was there.
We had a pot luck progressive dinner last night and another couple shared their knowledge of the Mexican coast and the good places to anchor. They had talked to a character named Sparky who is known up and down Mexico, he has sailed back and forth numerous times. We marked up our charts with such notations as Sparky says this one is good, and Sparky say the bugs are bad here don't stop!! Apparently if we stop at such and such a place and tell Rosa that Sparky sent us we will get a really good meal. What fun. Anyway it was great to get some local knowledge. Now we have to have a close look at the distances involved and decide where we would like to stop. Tomorrow we are going grocery shopping and then on Saturday we have to get our dinghy back from the Dinghy Doctor and then on Monday we have to get our US exit permit and then we are hoping to leave on Monday evening. We are going to do an overnight sail to Ensenada and then check in during the day, weather permitting.
I am going to add some pictures Barry took on the Queen Mary that were stuck on the camera when it broke, we finally stopped somewhere long enough to put them on a disk.