Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We spent 2 lovely nights in Bahia Santa Maria which is 20 miles north of Mag Bay. There were about a dozen sailboats spending time there. It was a gorgeous spot, a mountain to the left sheltering us from the open ocean and to the right there were sand dunes and an estuary. The nights were lovely because we got to sleep straight through them.
As soon as we arrived a local fisherman in a panga came up and we traded for lobster. We traded some crayons, some Hershey's kisses and some double AA batteries for 3 lobster. It was about 1030 in the morning so we decided that we might as well eat them, they weren't going to get any fresher, so we each had a glass of wine and some lobster and went to bed. We just lazed around the rest of the day doing some boat chores and then we went and traded movies with Mungo and watched the Insider, about the tobacco industry with Russell Crow and Al Pacino, it was really good.
Yesterday we went ashore and explored along the beach. As we approached the beach it looked as if the breakers were impassible and we did not want to give the motor a dunking so we were leary about approaching, but as we watched you could see a section where is must have been deeper and you could slip through the surf and land safely. We went and looked at a series of buildings that were set apart from the fishing camp up on a bluff. I peered into one building and there were about 5 surfboards along with a cot inside. We think it must be a spot where people pay to come surfing and they are put up in those buildings. We ran into 4 other sets of cruisers as we strolled along the beach and yakked away with them for awhile. Three of the boats had kids aboard and all the kids were on the beach digging in the sand and showing off their treasures, a long spiky thing either from a dolphin or a swordfish, the backbone of an eel and sand dollars which they proceeded to play a game of
bull's eye with, tossing the sand dollars into a series of concentric circles. It would have been nice to stay a little longer and explore up the mountain and take the dinghy back into the lagoon and see where it went. There were lots of birds in the estuary, pelicans, egrets, herons, terns, cormorants and lots of little shore birds, a birding paradise.
We are now on the way to Cabo San Lucas. We left Santa Maria at 0400 looking to arrive in Cabo at about 1600 hours on Wed. We are making very good time at the moment, traveling over 7 knots with a reef in the main and a slightly furled genoa. I caught another fish so it will be fresh fish for supper and the price has now been reduced to $71.77 per fish. I might try and make ceveche with it, that should be tasty.