Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nothing new and exciting to report, we are still on the west side of Catalina Island, our friends should arrive today. We have spent the time hiking, snorkeling, sailing and managed a beach campfire one night. We went on a three hour hike way up to the top of the hills you see in the background of the picture on top. There had been a pretty large fire go through the area, so the cacti were all black and shriveled and the trees were all black and the leaves were reddish brown.
The strangest thing was all the snail shells we saw around on the ground. When we asked someone about it he said that the snails were a non-native species and they had made their way up the hills, all be it, very slowly!!!On our way down we decided to go a different way where there was no path and I managed to get fairly prickled a few times, those damn cactus, they are just a hip height so when you go to put your hand down to steady yourself on the steep parts you impale it on a cactus. It only took twice and then I stopped doing it. We are currently at a different anchorage where there is internet access and a few small stores so we are off to have a shower and upload pictures for the blog. We plan to head to San Diego on Friday.