Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We are safe in Turtle Bay, there are quite a lot of boats here, about a dozen cruisers at anchor. The anchorage is lovely, very sheltered. We are going ashore in a few minutes to see what there is to see. There are not a lot of supplies to be bought here, but I here via the cruisers grapevine that the grapefruits are very good. There is an internet cafĂ© as well, so I am hoping to upload some pictures on the blog. We are headed out again tomorrow, for another day sail. I hear the town is not up to North American standards, but I wasn’t expecting that here, they apparently throw their dirty water and bones and stuff out the windows. We shall see.
Have a look back, I did manage to upload some picture, but not as many as I would like. It must be VOODOO magic or something, some will upload and some just refuse, the pictures of
Sandi and Steven in the surf just did not to be put on the net, they must of hexed them!!