Saturday, July 11, 2009

Barry is home from the hospital. The operation seems to have gone very well, it is early days yet, but everyone at the hospital was amazed at his progress. We actually (this is 4 days after surgery) went for a kilometer walk this morning. Barry was really tired out after wards, and his foot was quite swollen but I kept asking him if we had gone far enough and he wanted to keep going. I guess I should have made him come home sooner. He is in bed sleeping off his walk!! He is still on pain meds but says that the burning pain that was in the joint before the surgery is all gone, he is so happy about that. He is walking much better than before the surgery, he only has to use one crutch to get around. He is already talking about graduating to just a cane next week. I must get a picture of him outside standing up straight and tall. Wow, what a relief that it worked out so well.
I have gotten a temp job, with the local Chrysler dealership. I am doing some bookkeeping there. Their system is not windows driven so it is cumbersome and the woman who is supervising is very busy so does not have time to train me properly. The person in the position before me left on two day's notice so she is not there to train me. I was not even introduced to the staff so when I had to answer the phone to cover the receptionist I had to ask who everyone was. I will be there a month and then the job is up for grabs. I have applied for it. I also had another interview for a part time position that sounded right up my alley. Hmmm, work really hard and bash my brains out learning an archaic system or go to a windows driven environment where I can name my hours, pot and curl all winter and enjoy myself. Some choice, but we are here to make money, maybe I should just let Barry take care of that, he loves to work so much!!