Friday, July 24, 2009

Well the job that was supposed to last for a month only lasted for a week. The idea that I could handle a new job and Barry’s surgery turned about to be a bad one. I lasted a week and then the employer decided that the job was too much for me and I was made redundant. Does that sound better, than I was fired, I have come to grips with it and basically decided that it was better for my mental health that I not continue to work in that environment. Since then I have gone on one interview with the Dept. of Justice, the feds were looking for a casual for 2 months, as far as I know they are waiting to get approval from Ottawa for funding for the job, so I am still in the running.
I did have a job for 2 hours today though!! When we were cruising, the standard joke is that you can go back to work and be a Walmart Greeter. We’d even practice our lines, or the other classic, “Would you like fries with that?” WEELLL today, I almost fit into that scenario. I was the customer survey person at the local Canadian Tire. I got to ask customers 6 questions about their CANADIAN TIRE experience today. I was rather dreading it but everyone was quite nice, no one snubbed me and I was able to be my happy, cheery self for 2 hours. I had to get 50 people to answer questions and I would say I only had about 10 people refuse, that was pretty good odds. I must admit the next time I see someone with a survey in hand, unless I am late to catch a flight I will certainly answer their questions, unless of course they are trying to sell me anything. I think one guy tried to pick me up but I am not entirely sure as I am out of practice to detect those types of things, he did stand very close and he was a trucker, an ice road trucker. I guess I should have gone all googled eyed and asked him if he was a star of the Ice Road reality show!!!
The weather has been great, hot, sunny and windy, I have raced twice in the local Wed. night races and I am hoping to sail across the lake next weekend in the annual Commissioner’s Cup. There is the annual float plane fly in this weekend so we will have to go down and have some breakfast with the pilots and listen to some stories.
Barry and Bruce turn 60 this year. I e-mailed Marg and asked if she was planning anything special. She said that Bruce didn’t want a fuss made, neither did Barry. I suggested that Bruce and Marg come up for a visit. They got some very cheap flights with West Jet, so they are coming up for almost 4 days in the middle of Aug. We will have the use of a boat then so hopefully Barry and Bruce can catch some large fish. Bruce really enjoys that type of thing.