Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jennifer and Mark have decided that their son's first name is going to be Leeland, they have not decided on a second name yet. Mom is doing fine, she says she feels better than after she had William, but was pretty groggy during birth and through the night last night. Leeland has been nursing well and I am told he looks like William although Jen said his hair may be darker.

I forgot to tell you a funny story which happened the day Barry got home. He had read in the literature that the hospital had given him post surgery, that prune juice was a good idea. As per usual he didn't read all the way to the end of the sentence, which said you should mix it half and half with hot water, or perhaps he just processed the first part of the sentence. He just knew prune juice was recommended!! Sooooo he requested that I buy him some prune juice, no problem, probably a good idea. When I came home that night from work, he had drunk a half of the 2 litre container. He was already feeling the effects and had spent some quality time on his fancy high rise toilet seat! What a Lange move!