Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cameron Falls
Today I headed out to Cameron Falls with Cassidy and Elijah. It was a wonderful day, hot and sunny and just enough wind to keep the bugs at bay. There was lots of water at the falls and the wild strawberries were just delicious. We played Pooh sticks off the bridge but then started throwing sticks in willy nilly anywhere. When we got close to the edge of the falls, Cassidy (10 years old) declared that it couldn't just be plain old Pooh sticks, we were now into "extreme" Pooh sticks. We ate our lunch as the kids waded around in the water. I couldn't convinced them to go in the water with just their underwear so they came back to town, tired but dry. Once we got back, we hit the ice cream store, hopefully they will get their appetite back by the time they have to eat their supper.