Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Well we just achieved our main goal in returning to Canada. Barry had his hip operation. So far it seems to have gone really well. He feels GREAT. I don't know I think he looks rather wan myself. He went under the knife at about 10:30 and did not return to the room until about 2:00 P.M. I was about fit to be tied, I was so glad to see him, my gosh, you wouldn't believe how good it was to clap my eyes on him.
He was awake the whole surgery (the surgeon told him he might need an extra pair of hands) and when he came into the room he was regaling the nurses with South Pacific stories. When I went back tonight, the nurses came in to change the dressing and I got to see the scar. I think it is great, we can tell shark bite stories and he has an actual scar to back up the stories. Barry will be able to go to town on that story for years, I can hear it now, man oh man.

He is being well looked after, the nurses are wonderful. He will see the occupational and physio people tomorrow. He told me to get something to put under one knee because he has to do these exercises. He wanted something round that was fairly substantial, so I got him a large bottle of Diet Coke and figured that if he didn't like the size of the circular object he could just drink it.
Anyway, thank you to everyone who sent us their kind thoughts, it is good to know there are lots of people in the world that care about us. We have both had a big day so I think it is time for me to get to bed.
P.S. Barry made me take the AHHHHHHH picture and post it, if you don't believe me ask him!