Friday, July 03, 2009

We, that is Trish, Graeme, Quinn, June, Mooch and I spent the day up at the ranch. The spot where Trish has been working off and on for the last 7 years. What a gorgoeus location and it was a perfect day. The owners had asked that Trish come up and take them riding and they were kind enough to include the whole family in their invitation. Trish had a tiring day, out in the hot sun, brushing, saddling, walking youngsters around and then going on a 2 hour ride.
Graeme and I hung out, he entertained Quinn, there were horses to look at, cats to harass, tractors to climb on and bikes to ride. Oh, and the best of all, balloons to blow up, there was this cool balloon pumper up thing and the balloons had a special end. Graeme would pump up the balloons and the kids, (the owners have 3 under 3 years of age) would let them go and they would scoot up in the air and around and around and they would make this wonderful noise, fascinating for kids. By the time we were done, I don't think there were very many useable balloons left, oops.
June was the perfect baby, waking up at the correct times so Trish wasn't exploding when she was riding, and eating the bottle that Grannie had heated up. The only mishap is when she projectile peed over her diaper when I was changing her and wet a towel that was on the bed. How does she do that?? Girls are not supposed to be able to pee in that manner, what a kid!!
Trish took a bunch of pictures yesterday of June, just chilling on the grass, enjoy the pics of her, she really is lovely.