Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here are some lovely photos of Leeland Edward Stonehouse that Jen and Mark took. I really like the shot of William holding on to Leeland. Jen said William asked to hold him but she had to coax him to stay still for the pictures. Once he was done holding him he wanted to go, go, go.
I had a visit with Cassidy and Elijah and we went to the pool. Cassidy and I had great fun sneaking up on Elijah who was playing away with a buddy from school. Cassidy climbed to the top of the climbing wall in the pool before falling back into the water. Elijah floated and showed off his swimming skills. He is a tentative child and although he came into the deep end with Grannie he was not too happy about it. They came back to the apt. after wards and Cassidy entertained us by dressing up their monkeys. I loved her sense of style and humour. If you click on the picture it should get bigger and you can really appreciate what she did. We got to hear about their visit with their Auntie Jen and the Kravitz side of the family. It sounds like they had a blast when they visited, NS, NB and PEI. I did not manage to get the camera out while they were here so will have to make sure I do that when I see them again.

I went Yellowknife's folk festival, Folk of the Rocks. It has been running for 29 years and this is the first one I have managed to get to. We were always busy sailing other years. Now I know why people go back every year. The theme this year was hip hop, and I was not sure I would like that. It was a blast. There was an aboriginal hip hop group up from Edmonton that explained the genre and had great fun with the audience. In the evening there was a collaboration between all the hip hop groups, which incorporated throat singing, Inuit story telling, hip hop and Dene drumming. They did a great job and you could tell the performers were thoroughly enjoying themselves. One of the hip hop guys who makes noises into the mike did a duo with a throat singer, magical.
Barry didn't come because he didn't want to sit on the ground the whole day. The weather had finally warmed up so we went for a jaunt to Tim Horton's. Barry insisted on walking there and back, a total of about 3 km. He said that nothing hurt and when I asked if I could walk home and get the car he was insistent that he was fine and walked all the way home. He is resting in bed with his foot elevated at the moment. He says he is going to work tomorrow, he doesn't get his stitches out until Thurs. I suggested he only go in for a half day and he said he would come home if he got too tired or his foot got too swollen.
I scored on the way home. I have been scheming about finding some rhubarb I can use. We walked down this lane and there was a huge patch all going to seed behind a vacant bordered up house. Barry had his handy dandy all purpose tool in his pack so I cut off all the pieces that were going to seed and took enough home to make a pie, yum. What could be finer!