Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 hours ago
We are still surrounded by a cold front. Winds are high as are the waves, it rains off and on, we are wet as soon as we step into the cockpit, either with rain pelting down or doused by seawater as a wave breaks over the boat. We are running under our storm staysail and a triple reefed main, the least amount of sail we can have up without taking one of the sails down, we are currently making 5.5 knots but we are 100 degrees off course, time to tack. I will wait until Barry wakes up, no rush. It is warm though, I am pretty sure at 21 degrees 55 minutes south we have once again crossed the Tropic of Capricorn (I know I looked it up last year but I can't remember it's latitude). I just downloaded some grib files which give projected wind strength and direction. It looks like within 24 hours it should calm down and we should be able to make our course. With 209 nm to go to our first waypoint we should see land on Wed morning, our time. It will be nice to not be on our side, we should be able to cook something decent for a change.
It has been great having e-mail access on the boat via our ham radio. Being able to get weather information as well as report our position every day gives me a sense of security and of not quite being all alone.
The other night it was calm the boat was ghosting along under a half moon. The moonlight was bouncing off the waves and I went forward and sat on the deck and contemplated life. I wondered what I would do if Barry passed away, and what he would do if I wasn't around. Later on that morning I asked him. Just to show how we are on completely different frequencies, I was looking for a answer that would indicate what direction he would take with his life if I wasn't around. He looked at me and said, "I would cremate you." When I said, "No, I mean what would you do with the boat?" he replied well I wouldn't light it afire and set you adrift in it, when further pushed for a straight answer he replied, "Well I certainly would reef a lot sooner!!!!" Enough said.