Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are planning on leaving the dock tomorrow, hurray!!!!! and heading up the river to where you can sign out of the country. We will sail around tomorrow and hopefully do a shakedown sail to make sure everything works. Then we hope to leave Monday morning. It should take us 10 to 11 days enroute, so that would mean we would not get to Fiji until about May 27, where has the month gone??
We had the new furler put on yesterday and we ran the sail up today. It fits just fine. I was a bit worried when we were hauling it up as it looked as if the sail was too long but it is fine, whew!!!
When we were putting it on Barry switched sides for the furler line. In order to do that he had to take the lifelines off in order to get the furler blocks over the stantions. Well he was going to move some stuff so he wouldn't trip and fall in and he went to lean on the lifeline and opps. He was in the drink. I was at the mast and heard a big splash and thought we had lost some hardware to do with the lifelines and then I said "Barry" and up he came and he was fine. He had a hard time hauling himself up on the dock, I went and got the ladder but he could not make it up, but with a hand from me he pulled himself out. He was very wet, but his hat stayed on, good old Tilley hats. I had 2 minds when he asked me to get the ladder, I was tempted to get the camera but took pity on him. He is fine!! It actually was quite funny.
I went grocery shopping, put the laundry on and now I am uptown running some last minute errands. We both are really excited to get out on the water again.

An old sailing friend from Yellowknife showed up at the boat yesterday. Kevin Quinn's parents live here so he visits regularly. We just missed him the last time he was here, it was nice to show off Cat's-Paw IV to a Yellowknife sailor and we had a wonderful visit and a buddy that was with him treated us to a great sushi lunch. Make sure you say thank you to Allan from us, Kevin, I think I forgot yesterday. We also used Kevin's car to fill up our diesel cans so all is good.
I hope to get my brother to post some blogs from the boat so you can follow our journey. Fiji sounds so exotic, I can't wait.