Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cat's-Paw IV left New Zealand for Fiji
The weather gave the crew the Heebi-Jeebi
The crew, though no rookies
Soon lost their cookies

They cleaned it all up with a squeegi

Well there is a wee bit of trouble on board. Bob is not happy, he has not been fed or had a rest since leaving New Zealand. He wasn't even offered the smallest bowl of Raison Bran and he has been steering 24/7 for over 72 hours. The Captain and the First Mate have been loafing, reading, getting weather faxes, preparing meals when they should have been hanging on to the wheel steering. They even left poor Bob out all alone in the pouring rain when the lightning was all around. What is with that?? Bob continues to soldier on, quietly, steadily steering north heading for the tropics. How long will he hang in there? What is your guess, when will Bob and the rest of the crew will make landfall. Fiji is +12 hours from Zulu, or UTC or Greenwhich Mean Time.