Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are really enjoying ourselves here. We are working hard on the boat, fixing all the stuff that broke on the way over. I have made mosquito nets for both the hatches and traded another cruiser a flag of country we are not going to for some more netting so will make a big cover for the companionway at the back. Barry is busy working on some electrical issues we have. When we went to drop the anchor our brand new windlass would not work, you would not believe how frustrating that was. When we found out it was just an electrical problem I was quite relieved, there is nothing wrong with the new winch, just electrical connections, whew!!
We have been hanging out with an interesting couple from Seattle, he is a retired cardiac surgeon and listening to his take on what is wrong with the US Health Care system last night was a real eye opener. His brother who also made the crossing with them, has his doctorate in Oceanography, so had very interesting stories about studying the ocean floor in nuclear submarines. They enjoyed our stories of sailing North of 60 and I think if we are ever in Yellowknife over the summer again we could convince them to visit.
Late in the afternoon, we call a halt to work and head over the resort that is about 400M away and take a dip in the pool. There was a wedding there yesterday and we peered out of the foliage and watched the bride cross the bridge to get married on an island. She was beautiful, Marg you would have enjoyed conducting this wedding, such an exotic setting, the bride was from the Cook Islands.
The rigger is coming on Monday to replace all 4 lowers, so technically we can leave after that. I am anxious to head out, so we can swim off the boat and find a spot with a bit more wind so that the boat might stay a bit cooler. Hopefully we can head off on Tues. I will try and load some pics later but our internet connection is not the greatest.