Sunday, May 30, 2010

Captain Greybeard (as Trish calls him) at the helm near the beginning of the trip.

A flying fish that ended up on the deck, just to give you an idea of the size of them, aren't the wings huge??

This is all that is left of the Mexican dolls, that smashed Barry in the face during a particularly trying time.

This is our first sunrise over Fiji, it was wonderful to see it as we got closer to the pass that would allow us to enter the reef into protected Fijian water.

If you look closely you can see the frayed lower. Any more stress and it was likely to give out, good thing we noticed it, YIKES!!

Here is our tiny storm staysail. I am not sure this conveys how small the sail is but it is really tiny, this is all we had up to keep up from rolling while we motored and with it and the triple reefed main we made it throw the stormy weather, yeah storm staysail.

The boat looks like a Chinese Junk as we have strung everything up to dry out. Rather than clothes pins and risk losing stuff we string the line through the clothes.

This is the boat we saw at anchorage in Laukota, I thought the name was significant.

Barry took this picture at the Sunset Bar, the geckos are inside a light.

Sorry these aren't in the right order but this connection is weird so be happy there are pictures.