Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well we got here. We put the anchor down in Lautoka, Fiji at 1345 or 1:45 PM on Wednesday, May 26,2010. It is really hot here, I have my swim suit on and I am sweating to beat the band, the water temperature is 24 degrees. Barry is at customs clearing in and I am impatiently wondering what is going on, only Captain's go ashore, I should have put on my Admiral's Hat and gone in. We spoke to friends on the VHF on the way in and another boat that left NZ at the same time of us invited us for beers at sunset, so our social life looks good.
After we clear in we hope to get to a marina tonight and then take it easy for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we need to find that rigger. I am glad this passage ended safely, that is the main thing. The boat sure showed what she could do in the weather and it was great that the wind vane did the majority of the steering, YEAH BOB!
Barry and I did pretty well on this passage, only a couple of yelling matches and they were really short! One night we were sailing along, the moonlight was shimmering off the water and I said to Barry that not many people get a chance to experience this, just the two of us out in the middle of the ocean, relaxing and enjoying each other's company while the boat glides silently along on the wind. It was a pretty fantastic moment.

Pictures later. We went shopping and are now cleaning up the boat. The marina is great, there is a pool in a resort next door so I am going to take a dip later. The rigger came by and it looks like we may be able to get the work done by Monday, today is Thursday, so we are really pleased by that. Ran into Dave on Toketie this afternoon, he is at the same spot so we are having him for dinner so must run.