Monday, June 12, 2006

June 11 - Well a lot has happened since the last update. After makeshift repairs on the boom in Port Hardy with angle iron bolted to both sides we sailed across the Queen Charlotte Strait to the mainland just opposite Port Hardy. That was a test for the boom, it must have passed because that evening Barry decided we could continue on with our trip and head around the island. The next morning we headed for Bull Harbour in order to wait for a good time to cross the notorious Nahwitti Bar. The water gets really shallow here and the ocean swells get really large and if there is any wind it can be quite dangerous. We woke up at 0500 and were underway about 0520 headed for the bar. It was very calm but we did have a bit of current against the tide and it was a very bouncy half hour. Then we rounded Cape Scott at 0945 and headed SOUTH, yahoo. We are now going with the wind and the current.

We had a terrific if rather moderate sail to Winter Harbour where we spent the night. I was getting tired and a bit owly so went to bed shortly after eating at 2130. Today we are going past the Brooks Peninsula otherwise known as the Cape of Storms. It was fairly decent as we sailed out of Winter Harbour and as we got closer the wind picked up and we reduced sail in the main. Now we are cruising down the Brooks Peninsula and headed for a lovely anchorage close to a sandy beach.

We saw a black bear strolling along a beach without a care in the world. Just a few minutes ago some porpoises came to zoom along beside the boat for awhile. They looked to be a different species from the ones around Sidney so I will have to look them up. We are now about half way around the island and I am hoping to do a bit more exploring on shore the next few days. All is well onboard and the sun has just come out so I am going to go on deck to enjoy.