Monday, June 05, 2006

June 2 - We had a great sail today. Went through Hole in the Wall without any problems, we had more trouble going through Active Pass one time. Then we headed up to an great anchorage on Sonora Island. The mountains aren't so high here but still there are very high hills. We encountered about 25 knots of wind going into the anchorage, it was funneling down a valley.

We went to set the crab trap today, it was about an hour and a half before low tide so I figured it should be a good time. We set it by a sandy beach and about and hour after low tide I went to get it. There were 2 crabs in it, EUREKA!!! I went by myself to check the net and Barry had said to just leave it in the water until tomorrow morning. I decided to take the crabs back to show Barry, but I didn't bring anything to put them in so I just put one in the front of the dinghy, the other one held on for dear life and I decided to leave it in the trap. The stupid crab in the dinghy went under the floor boards, so I spent the whole way back to the boat, about 3 km, worrying that he was going to come up and bite my butt, yuk. Once I got back, Barry said that we had to deflate the dinghy to get the crab out, so we had to take the motor off, bring the dinghy on board and deflate it until we could get the floorboard out and voila, one crab for dinner. We put the dinghy back in the water and Barry went back and collected the other one and we had them both for dinner. Next time, I will remember a bucket!! The crab that crawled under the seat, note the deflated dinghy

What a hoot, I don't think Barry was too impressed though. We don't have any other fresh or frozen meat on board so I guess we will have to figure out what we can catch tomorrow, maybe pick mussels or maybe catch a salmon.