Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13 - Spa conditions prevail today, moist warm breeze blowing gently on your face, we are going to have wonderful skin by the end of the day. This has been the norm for the last few mornings, fog and light winds, then after lunch the fog lifts and the sun shines. We motored into our anchorage at Dixie Cove last night, there was bright sunshine, showing off nearby snow topped mountains. When we set the anchor we checked the temperature and it was a balmy 24 degrees, wow. Then we put the thermometer in the water to see if it was worth going for a swim and it said 18 degrees. Bob did not want to believe it, he thought my thermometer was malfunctioning. I did the toe test and it seemed a lot warmer than the last time we went in (the water was 10 degrees then). Bob and I donned our wet suits and in we went. Bob stayed in and swam for about 45 min. I was in for about 1/2 hour and swam and snorkeled getting eyeball to eyeball with some starfish and sunfish, great fun. I wanted to tell you about the other day when we were in Winter Harbour. We had been in town and then motored around the corner to anchor, so we were by ourselves. The sun was beating down and we were eating crab and drinking wine in the cockpit. It was so much fun to just chuck the crab shells over your shoulder into the water without a care in the world. CRACK, CHOMP, CHUCK was how it went for about a half and hour. I bought a roast when we were in Port MacNeil and we are going to eat it today, but Barry insists we have to cut some raw bits off so we can catch some more crab. We haven't caught any fish yet so hopefully we will remember to put a line in the water and maybe something will bite it.