Monday, June 26, 2006

Well Barry got to see a specialist about his hip. Apparently he isn't nearly crippled enough to be considered for a new hip. The docotr said unless you can barely walk you are wasting my time and he wouldn't consider it unless Barry was over sixty and that would be borderline. We half expected that answer but it still is pretty disappointing. He said, so what you are sore, you're old things wear out, live with it. He prescribed him some fancy anti-inflamitories that are supposed to help. At least Barry didn't have to fly back from Mexico or somewhere in the South Seas to hear that kind of news. Ho Hum.
I spent a couple of days in Tofino cleaning and drying out the boat then I rented a bike and cycled out to Long Beach for a day. It was a gorgeous day and I sat on the beach after strolling about a kilometer splashing my feet in the surf, and watched the surfers do their stuff, most of them weren't much good but there were a couple that knew what they were doing and it was a pleasure to watch them. I also went up to Radar Hill where there used to be a radar station just after the war. It was a huge uphill climb, I walked a lot of the way up, but the view was fantastic, the ride down was a lot of fun, thank heavens the bike had good brakes!!!
We are in the process of circumnavigating Meares Island, there are snow covered mountains up an inlet that we plan to explore tomorrow. There is no place to anchor so we will go up the inlet and back down all in one day. It is only about 7 miles long, we have the dinghy down at the moment and hopefully we can tow it while we go up the inlet and I can get some pictures of the boat with snow capped mountains behind. The dinghy is down because we put out the crab trap and we are hoping to have crab for dinner. There were a gazillion crab traps all around Tofino and we had to slalom around them. Barry had the computer on to help with the navigating and he would say go left and I would have to head into a mass of crab traps floating all mish mash everywhere, I am sure my hair is a shade grayer tonight. It is sunny and warm though and we are enjoying every minute of the great weather.