Monday, June 05, 2006

We are headed to Port MacNeil to pick up my brother. He will be with us for about 10 days, we will drop him off in Tofino. We had an early start at 0615, the earliest yet. Yesterday we landed in a small cove that was renowned for it's crabs. We caught 9 and ate the only 2 legal sized ones, they were delicious.

We have yet to have an anchorage to ourselves. We get to a spot about 5:00 P.M. or so and think that we might have it to ourselves and then someone else pulls in a little later. Oh well, apparently on the west side of the island there are less boats.

There is a lot of logging that is going on around here, at these lovely secluded anchorages you here the whine and growl of heavy equipment on shore, you can't see anything because the trees are huge, but you can hear it. You can tell what areas have been logged, the trees are a different colour than the natural vegetation. I haven't gotten close enough to figure out what kind of trees they are planting but they seem to be either cedar or some type of deciduous tree.

The other day we stopped at this little island to look at some WW2 gun placements. It was amazing, this small island and the amount of work that had been done on the top of a hill. There were lots of cement and brick buildings, that are all covered in moss now. They had even made cement stairs, these really fascinated me. I have pictures and hopefully will be able to load them in Port MacNeil. All is well, we are having fun, hope you are to.